How to start with remote control hobby?

How to start with remote control hobby?

Just like any other electronic-based industry, RC has gone through enormous advancements in terms of technology in the recent years. The hobby of radio-controlled (RC) aircrafts, boats and cars has been a long gravitational pull for its inventors. Back then, you had to build your own vehicles and the radio equipment too. But over the years, so much has changed about the RC even though still a great avenue where creative minds put their designs and ideas into peculiar and tangible form.

This article will explain the basics of RC and show the scope of its creative possibilities. Just like any other electronic-based industry, RC has greatly advanced in recent years, and for that reason, even those with previous experience may want to see what new and unique things experts have come up with.

Hobby-grade VS Toy-grade

First, as it is important, make a distinction between the hobby-grade and toy-grade RC stuff. The toy-grade is not designed to accept customizations, and when they break, you may not be able to get the replacement parts to keep them moving smoothly.

Hobby-grade equipment cost more upfront, but their performance is better and they last longer. A hobby shop is the place to go in case you need these items. The RC planes can break down and be repaired several times during the period you own it. RC cars also last more than 20years and still stay strong if maintained properly.

The main focus of this article will be the RC hobby-grade equipment, and how to get started. Go here to start.

1. Land Machines

Cars are a great way to get started in remote control hobby. Most people if not all have an experience driving cars, be it real cars, golf carts, scooters or bicycles. With that experience, many people become excellent drivers pretty fast. Apart from that most people have a space to operate an RC car, whether on the street or an empty parking lot. RC cars come in different standards and versions. But to get started a 1/10-scale, 2-wheel drive would be recommended, and this is because they can drive on all types of terrain.

They have strong bumpers, big tires so you can easily bounce off obstacles, before you can eventually learn to avoid them. The best of the fun with the RC cars is that they are extensively customized, and there are various companies that cater for the aftermarket needs.

2. Sea Machines

RC boats come in different styles and they are a close parallel to cars. The most common types of RC boats for beginners are the plastic-hulled speedboats and are pretty fast and maneuverable. There are also others like the sailboats, airboats, racing boats and the submersible submarines. A great suggestion for an RC boat would be the Aqua craft Reef Racer 2. This is a little electric powered boat that can actually run in a medium sized swimming pool. There are different categories of boat racing available, but are rare compared to RC cars. The RC boat race only needs two people, so you can always compete with a friend at the local pond or swimming pool.

3. Air machines

This is yet another class of remote controlled equipment besides cars and boats. Over the years, the focus on RC flying things have expanded dramatically, the significant being the development of electric powered aircraft. While there are recommended specific boats or cars for beginners, it is hard to do so for airplanes. This is because very few people successfully manage to learn how to fly RC airplanes on their own, and they have to get help from an instructor. It is advisable however to visit an RC flying field where you will see a great variety of aircraft types and the flying styles.

Now that you have a better understanding of the breadth and depth of the remote control gadgets, you can make a choice according to your preference whether its land, sea or air equipment. But the fact remains that the remote control hobby is constantly progressing and that the beauty of it. So, you already have an idea of what you will find in your local hobby shop.

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