What this means is that it’s fine to overeat at those big holiday meals, just fast all day leading up to the feast or all day after the feast.

Enjoy the big, social holiday gatherings without guilt, and compensate the rest of the time.  It’s not as if you’re going to be at a holiday party non-stop for two weeks.

If you know it’s just a holiday party (not an all night feast), then maybe just skip lunch and have a protein shake for dinner before you head to the party.  Acknowledge that you’re going to get some extra carbs at the party and go zero carb leading up to it. To get more information about health & fitness click on https://www.myprotein.com/your-sport/bodybuilding.list.

Is this the ultimate nutritional strategy?  No, particularly since most of what you’ll be eating will be crap, but it’s a long shot better than your other options, and to be honest, not really as bad as many “experts” will tell you it is.

Remember, our bodies are basically the same as our ancestors bodies going back many thousands of years.  That’s the way they ate: eat whatever they could get their hands on when it was available, then fast until food was available again.

Do this right and you may not be setting any records in the gym the first week in January, but you also won’t be digging out the “fat clothes.”