Living a simple life isn’t always as easy as it sounds. A simple life takes dedication and daily effort maintain this simplicity. However, the benefits of living a simple life are practically endless and will guide you through living, as well as sustaining the best life possible.

The good news is that there are several habits that can be incorporated into your daily life that can make living simple even easier to achieve. Here, we’ll look at 5 habits that will help you sustain a life filled with simplicity.

  1. Make Things Easier to Access

Many of us have dressers stuffed with clothes and closets that are overflowing with stuff. Because of this, we often tend to just throw our clothes on the floor after a hard day’s work, as opposed to putting them neatly back into place. By de-cluttering your wardrobe, it will be much easier to fold your clothes and put them away properly instead of just tossing them on the ground.

  • Banish Clutter from Your Home

When trying to optimize your space, most people simply think of organizing their stuff. While this is never a bad idea, you’re still stuck with an abundance of things that can clog up your space and clutter your mind. By taking a minimalist approach and decluttering your home, as opposed to organizing, you’ll have less stuff to worry about tiny houses for sale in and won’t be wasting time organizing things that you don’t really use or need.

  • Follow the One Comes in, One Goes Out Rule

This is a golden rule when it comes to following a minimalist lifestyle. Every time that you buy something new, you should try and get rid of something that you don’t use or need very often. This can work wonders in simplifying your life since many of us tend to purchase multiples of things that we only need one of. Many of us will stock up on extra bath products or fashion accessories than we ever actually have a need for. Therefore, by getting rid of the extras and never buying extra, you’ll already be on your way to living a more minimalist life.

  1. Repetition is Key

While personal hygiene should always be one of your priorities don’t be afraid of wearing clothes more than once. Furthermore, creating a routine and sticking to it is a great way to simplify and streamline your way of life. By planning your meals, you’ll be able to save a bunch of money on groceries and can still eat all the things that you love.

Still, these are only two practices that can be used to help save you both time and money, as well as making your life simpler.

  1. Reduce Financial Stress

A budget is never a bad idea and will help ensure that you get your bills paid on time, every time. It’s a good idea to use automatic payments and set your banking system up so that you don’t have much input as to where your money goes. Always try and remain conscious of your spending habits and only buy things that you need and will have a positive impact on your day to day life. This ensures that you’ll be spending less than what you make, while also allowing you to save and not needing to worry about going deeper into debt.


These are just a few habits that can help make your life simpler and more sustainable. In the end, there are hundreds of ways in which you can achieve this but first, it’s important to figure out what’s important to you and to always live within your means.